viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

Inspired...ajá en esta pic, Alexis Mabille
Para J E

Insightful Existence

A first explanation involves us…

I see him at the gate and then there it is…my birthday gift.
There he is and suddenly it begins
You get your gift with those eyes!
I lost myself into your fire, into your mind, behind your arms I found my gift
I found ...just there
A piece of cake
A piece of love
An instant without fear…

Then a second explanation,

Drunk in your arms I saw myself as the source of our insightful existence…

A third explanation,

Let’s guess… a dream….

Luis Olaf del Lago

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el juntacadáveres dijo...

what do one should do with it?

Anónimo dijo...

me encanto!!! convinar todos esos elemntos!! wow! felicidades!!!

Polly Krac dijo...

te amo!

Chuck B dijo...

no, mejor como triste desilucionado
Me gustó bastante

PS. Ill see u at my blog

LE TR0N dijo...


Char Ruiz Manjarrez dijo...

Q bonito esta todo!